Saturday, January 2, 2010

On going Veg'

I've tried it twice before, but I failed pitifully.
Perhaps I didn't have enough knowledge about what my body needed to sustain itself. I didn't outline my motivation, nor did I search for an inspirational figure who had chosen a similar path.
I should have prepared myself mentally, as well as physically for this immense life style change.
From one day to the next, I decreased dramatically my meat intake. I ate a lot of pasta and flavoured rices,while mourning the delightful taste of a
grilled steak and the juiciness of a good burger. About two or three months later, I succumbed to a pork dish my friend brought to a potluck.

Here I am, a year later; initiating my third attempt at Vegetarianism.
I am reading about it for now, I have an excellent little cookbook Super natural cooking written by Heidi Swanson. The book's goal is to introduce the average Jane and Joe to whole and natural ingredients. In other words; it is a tutorial into greenifying your pantry with organic produce. Amazingly, all the yummy recipes are vegetarian.
Heidi has an amazing site, she is a freelance photographer and has traveled the world. In her archives, you may find a post about the countries she has visited (Japan, Sri Lanka, France, Italy...), simple recipes and food photography that is out of this world.
Recently, I tried out her Brownies with walnuts recipe . I used organic chocolate and Quinoa flour, I brought them to work and although they didn't look too pretty (it was my first attempt at Brownies) they were delicious.
So. Super natural cooking will be my food bible for the next few months or so.
As for my motivation;

I believe that human beings are meant to be omnivores, I don't feel like consuming animal flesh is evil. What I don't condone is the way farm animals are raised, treated and slaughtered. It is beyond cruelty. I chose to (try to) become a vegetarian because of the mind boggling harm the meat industry is causing to our environment.

  • Deforestation (for cattle pasture and to grow grain to feed farmed animals).
  • Water consumption (50% of the United States water is used to raise animals for food)
  • Waste of natural resources (One third of all the raw material and fossil fuels in the United States, are used to raise animals for food. This includes the fuel used for transportation, factory farms operation etc...)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I read an amazing book on the subject A new diet for America.The author explores the harmful effects of a meat consuming society, he delves into the health and environmental aspects as well as the spiritual. It is a must-read.

I respect every body's choice to live life according to their beliefs but we should consider the impact our personal decisions have on our environment. We must remember we are connected to everything and everyone around us.

I would love to read some feedback about the subject, or some advice from seasoned vegetarians and vegans. ;-)


latree said...

i know nothing about being a veg.
good luck to you.

Americanising Desi said...

i would love to join you!
i really need to rid myself off the excess and veg is definitely good in all ways!

aint it!

Bri said...

All the best to you Lady!
I was veg. for five years until a little while ago...perhaps 6 mths.
I started it to help with my mild bipolar swings...I saw a natural therapist and she suggested it. I will admit bananas and almonds really helped me feel better. I felt good overall. And I'm planning to return to it soon as I can't eat much meat, never have been able to eat much of it; I just like the flavour it provides actually.

Keep strong! I'll be joining you soon :)

Nana said...

Thx for the comments, Bri; did it help you with your mood swings?