Monday, January 4, 2010


It snowed most of the day last night. I worked until 6pm, then my friend gave me a lift to the metro. The roads were coated with whte fluff, I said a little prayer, asked God to get us safe wherever we needed to go. While my friend drove, he was recounting an event that happened to him the night prior. His car skid on black ice and if it wasn't for him keeping his cool (his words, not mine), his car would have been sawed in two by an upcoming bus.
Unfortunately for us, He wasn't paying too much attention at the road as (with both hands off the wheel) he insisted on showing me how his car started sliding off the road. Well, his inattention caused us to crash into a snowbank.
We tried getting the car out, but to no avail.
We got lucky; our friends and co-workers happened to pass by, they got out their shovel and tried to help us. The car had one wheel off the ground and no matter how much we shoveled, our efforts weren't getting us anywhere. So, another car stopped by to help us, the guy jumped out with his shovel. Car number three stopped by and offered his help.My friend decided to call the CAA to tow us out of there, but we were greeted with a disheveling automatic message; Due to exceptional circumstances, we are closed today.
About a minute after we called the CAA, a city truck passed by and they got out a snow blower AND their shovels. Within 15 minutes, we heard a 'thump' and the car's wheel was back on the ground. We started clapping and thanking everybody profusely.
My toes and fingers were like ice picks, I was so relieved and happy to be back on the road, in the car's warmth. We didn't have enough shovels for everyone, so while we took turns, I took some photos.

I was amazed by everybody's eagerness to help. We were all strangers, yet nobody hesitated to get out of their car, out into the cold and the overwhelming snow, and dig and push and dig and push. Solidarity; that's what life is all about. God did answer my prayer, we got home safe and sound ;-)


Lion-ess said...

amazing when these things happen... You get to realise how human we all are and how compassionate we can all be.

It's hard to realise that at times while living in the city, where you don't even know your own neighbours. But when push come to shove, kindness and generousity always come out in the end.

Wow... too cold.. I get the shivers looking at the pictures!

Nana said...

I know, it's always situations like these that bring you closer to people... And yes, it's cold as a Mofo ;-)

O.F.C.J. said...

I know it looks cold, but I love the snoew!! It looks so fluffly and pretty and, well, I want some. Hee hee:) It's snowed where I am today, barely though. Nothing on the ground.

Glad you got home safely. As freezing and scary as it seems it may have been, it also seemed kind of fun. All those people coming together to help. Wow! How awesome.


latree said...

I love a happy ending :)