Friday, January 29, 2010


Musical genius.

This is the first thing you miss; the abominable, sinking feeling gripes and you don’t even try to shake it off. His skin on your skin, for the first time in a long time or perhaps the first time ever, you notice the void; a stormy canyon, so deep you cannot see its bottom.
His skin on your skin. The mundanity of his palm caressing your widow’s peak, the natural progression of his hand down your spine; how volatile and familiar, did it seem then. Now, you would do anything to get it back.
Your skin, and his skin; one and the same, an interminable skin that encompassed all of your limbs, your dreams, and your thoughts.
Only, it is all gone.
Crushed, decimated, torn…
Il est mort, vous etes morts. No longer can you go back to the morning coffees, sitting on the brim of the chair so your knees can graze, no longer will he pass a hand in your hair with no motivation but to get closer to you, no longer will you press your head against his chest and inhale the subtle scent of musk and cinnamon. Did you ever think, before it occur ed, that you couldn't sleep for days after the abandon? That you would feel like a leafless tree, or a caterpillar without its cocoon. When he left, it was as if he took your skin too. Everything that held you together, unravelled, torn at the seams.

Ah, Winter has finally settled in. It was -31 C (not Fahrenheit) with the wind, yesterday. The sky is a clear blue, the sun is high on the horizon casting its rays on the dusty white snow, and making it shine like sand. The world is cold and all I want to do is curl up with a good cup of tea and a book. I have been writing a lot these past few days, 'Skin' is an excerpt from a short story I am working on.

If you didn't know yet, Sade's new album (after a 10 years absence) is dropping in early February.


latree said...

his skin on my skin.
and I cried.
happiness and pain at the same time.

Anonymous said...

didn't know tt sade has been absence for 10yrs! wow! anyway hope you keeping yourself warm. I wonder why i end up overeating esp in winter. (sigh) Enjoy yr coffee or tea or hot chocolate.*wink*

Devil Mood said...

Wow, that is some cold weather!
Fortunately there's music to warm us up. I'm so excited about Sade's comeback! I truly hope she doesn't disappear for another ten years after this. But then again, it might be the fact that she releases so little that makes her albums that special.

Oh and your story is very warming too, it's coming along very nicely.