Monday, February 1, 2010


Lazy Saturdays; photos taken by Acke ;-)
It is cold outside, but I am thankful for;
  • My trip to Trinidad and Tobago (in 18 days!)
  • Colette; my current 'short' story that has taken a life and length of its own.
  • Lazy Saturdays, or Mondays or Wednesdays, or any days I can lounge around my house without being preoccupied by homework, work shifts or other projects.
  • My new lovely camera. I have named it 'Acke', by the way. It is a very reliable, yet pricey, Canon Rebel. You get what you pay for, and Acke doesn't disappoint.
  • My fat orange cat, Felix, who, even after 12 years, never fails to make me laugh with his bad behavior.

  • This little jewel of a blog where I have purchased a beautiful phoenix printed set of cups, 70's Japanese mugs, gorgeous snake leather belts, Mexx goat gloves and my awesome Jet stream burgundy carry-all. Mary Jane sells vintage quality goods at ludicrously (in a good way) low prices.
  • Sade's 'Soldier of love' CD. Sigh.
  • Having a laptop, all to myself after months of borrowing my sister's computer. Yes, I have given it a name! My laptop is named 'Astrid', after the subliminal character in 'White Oleander', one of my favorite books.
  • My school; my teachers and my classmates are bright, passionate and it's never a displeasure to go to class!

  • Libraries and Bookstores!

  • My new volunteer position at the Aids Comunity Care Center :-)
  • Although Spring is around the corner, I truly appreciate Winter's realm.

What are you thankful for?

P.S There is a contest at the Colors magazine; they are chosing 12 best blog entries of the year, then one entry will be picked and a prize will be offered to the winning blogger. I am participating, if you want to join me, click here.


Shilpa C Nangali said...

I am thankful to twitter for introducing me to u, nice to know u, u hve a beautiful mind!

Unbreakable said...

Trinidad and Tobago,that must be really nice i have not been there but would love to,i hope Acke' show up what in Trinidad to see. have fun

Akirah said...

Those pictures are fabulous, as are you. I'm thankful for great friends. I was just in a wedding and had a great time meeting new people and growing closer with old friends. Also, the internet is amazing. Because of my connection with people thru the web, I just scored a free ticket to see In the Heights!

Anonymous said...

i hv to make myself a toast spread with nutella and make myself a cup of white chinese tea after reading your toast. LOL. I'm excited for your soon coming trip to Trinidad & tobago.. & where is that? Enjoy your day.