Friday, December 18, 2009


The New Year is upon us and for the past few winters, I have felt above end of year resolutions. They have always felt inconceivable and forced; like dieting for a month and then binging on cakes and junk food. I believe, if you can't motivate yourself throughout the year to attain said goal, you will not be reinforced by a futuristic expectation. Furthermore, you will start abruptly and finish sooner than later, in defeat, telling yourself you will follow through next year. These resolutions have always seemed like a bad idea.
Although I still follow this ideology, I have decided to stop being a sour puss and make this New Year the landmark for my own twist on the 365 project, inspired by the very lovely Tangerine. I commit to doing a mix of one of the following things, on a daily basis;

1. Creating, whether writing a new short story, sewing an Ipod case, trying out a new recipe or rehearsing for a new play.
2. Being Green(er), whether by walking/riding a bike to
school/work, Organic grocery shopping, volunteering at the Frigo Vert, an organic co-op store, or being sustainable
(Annie, me; enjoying life.) through water/energy saving, recycling or planting a tree, growing a balcony garden.
3. Being Compassionate; now, this is my baby. I am applying to volunteer at the Aids Community Care Montreal. In past posts, I have written about how important it is to promote a dialogue about Hiv/Aids, this year, I will take a step further and become engaged in the community. I will offer support to people living with the disease, as well as educate the youth about Hiv/Aids. For a starter, I will post an entry (very soon), it will be a HIV 101, as well as new developments in science.
4. Exercising! Yes, I'm serious about ameliorating my cardio and sticking to my Yoga lessons! I want to take better care of my body, after all, it is a temple.
5. Learning; whether through books, travel, exhibitions... I want to be like a sponge thrown into the sea; I want knowledge to infiltrate all my senses. As well, I want to continue being a good student.
6. Devoting my time, love and energy to my family and friends.
7. Grammar Girl. I want to be on top of my writing game; beware suffixes, unconditional clauses and all grammatical jargon; I will get to know you, master your usage and make it my own. English is my third language (Polish is my mother tongue, then I learned French, I fell in love with English in high school) and I have always been self-conscious about my lack of -proper- grammar.

I will 'document' my 365, daily, through this blog. I hope this will help me get more disciplined about day to day writing, give more emphasis on spending time on personal projects and prompt dynamic change in my own life. It seems that I need a certain pressure to get things going, and what better way to light a match under my butt, then to give my word, on this very dear blog that will soon (or has?) celebrate its first anniversary?
My 365 is my own manifesto; I want to be the change I wish to see in the world, I want to give, even more than I receive, I want to encourage and support family, friends and strangers, I want to wake up and feel that I contribute to this beautiful world, I don't want to be solely a filler.

What are some of your projects for the New Year?

Before, I forget, I promised I would share my Truffles recipe. Well, this is the most informative and comprehensive recipe I have found. I reccomend placing the gamache near an open window (if it's winter in your side of the world) as it will cool much faster! As well, I have tried it with four different topings; Coconut flakes, organic oatmeal, cocoa and cappuccino powder.
Coconut topping is the best, by far. I suggest you get it very fresh, preferably organic. Trust me, you will taste the difference!

ALSO. My Big Sister has written an amazing short story. It is a must read, it touches on a topic very dear to my heart. Give it a read, you will not be disapointed.

I'm Re-editing my life. Again and again, until I find the core of me, the part of me that will never be subject to change.


Americanising Desi said...

i truly wish you well nana and i hope that your re editing has a positive outcome :)

bless you!


latree said...

i haven't thought about resolutions for next year, yet.
the only thing i'm thinking about now is to have my baby born healthy.

good luck to you!

Lion-ess said...

I'm planning to do the 365 project as well this new year!
Also, I need to work on my turkish and exercise.
Can't believe the new year has come around so soon!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Good for you! I've loved seeing Tangerine's and Apricot's Project 365. I'm inspired by their creative spirits. I know that I will be inspired by yours as well. I love the volunteering for the HIV/AIDS project. I've decided to become a Big Sister through the Big Brother/Big Sister organization. I'm excited about being able to be a part of someone's growth and motivation.

Keep it up Girl!! I'm proud of you!

Retromus-ik said...

This was a wonderful post, nana. I hope 2010 is very fruitful for you. Also, that's a beautiful pic!

tangerine: said...

aw thank you dear! i think we've both been inspired to change the way we view our 2010. There are resolutions that i'd like to make, but more importantly, i think there i just want to remember where i've been. i'm excited to visit your blog often. i wish i was as inspired to write as you are, but the project 365 seems to be up to my speed for this time in my life. happy holidays, love.

floreta said...

creating and compassion are up there for me too. good luck on your endeavors. you are amazing!

Chloe Bee said...

Well said!!! I know your going to have a fruitful year! Cannot wait to see it unfold! 2010 is going to ne epic!

Nana said...

Hey, just wanted to remind you to post your 365's daily - I believe that is what you said you were going to do :)

Nana said...

@Everyone, thx you for the support and yup, Nana, I'm on it ;-)