Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet SunDevil.

SunDevil, crushed petals.

I adopted him on Saturday and David named him 'SunDevil'. Yes, I 'adopted' him, because this sunflower is a living being, he isn't biologically mine and I (try to) take care of it. his first meal was a glass of water, sugar and a few drops of red wine. I put him out on the balcony, yesterday, so he can bask in the humidity and sunshine, but I forgot to tuck him in at night, and I found him this morning, lying flat on the balcony. His petals are a bit crushed now but I'll be a better mommy from now on and he will get back in shape, in no time.
He, yes it is a he, was the prettiest sunflower at the market. As soon as I saw him, I knew that he was the one, the two and the three. He's handsome and tall, he has two closed buds that will soon open and bear sunflower heads.
He is my favorite flower, his yellow canary petals and seedy middle are a testament to the sun. a sure to 'brighten up my day', he is original, he is the true king of flowers. He is modest, unlike its jealous counterpart, the Rose.
Sunflower, he is tough, he will survive a rough fall when his parent (i.e me) forgets him on the balcony and he will bear delicious seeds that I will garner and indulge in.

My grandmother has a couple of them in her garden, SunDevil is a little part of 'her', in my day.
Also, he reminds me of a beautiful evening and the amazing, cool person I spent it with :-0)


Strawberry Girl said...

I've always liked those hearty Sunflowers as well. ;D

Lion-ess said...

they're my favourite flower!

Well.. them and orchids..

Good to see you posting again!
Missed ya!

Nana said...

Are we soulmates? I love Orchids as well! I got some for my mother, and my mother got some for my grandma. They are beautiful! On my prom, my date gave me that thingy, I forgot how you call it, you know you put it on your wrist? It had two roses and two orchids. It was beautiful.

Sumit said...

I love the magnolias more than any other flower, I don't know why.

But, sunflowers are nice and graceful too. More than the flower though, I love your description of it and the pics too. :)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

i loveeeeeeeeeee sunflowers---i call them my "comfort" flower---the color is soothing--its my favorite color--its bright like {and you, NaNa}--plus it represents survior--no matter what we are faced with, we survive whatever the outcome--so if it can survive being on that balcony--you got yourself one heck of a plant!!---luv ya gurl!!

Passion Fruit said...

That's a handsome plant. I think I feel almost surprised when I see sunflowers growing in someone's yard. I just think I forget they exist except as the amazing sunflower and then I see one and it's instant excitement.


Lion-ess said...

My bf designed and got a necklace made for me... orchids and a butterfly at the bottom... it's so beautiful and when I was working, I used to always buy sunflowers. They really brighten up the kitchen.

Bitter Truth said...

That was a sweet post. I love all kinds of flowers and sunflowers are exceptionally beautiful (:

Americanising Desi said...

this devil stole my smiles :D

Enchantress said...


latree said...

how do you know it is 'he' or 'she' sunflower?

well 'he' looks gorgeous!