Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is beautiful.

Update: The opening night was great! It blew me off! I thought I was going to be nervous, but the months of practice have paid off!!! We got a standing ovation & a lot of laughs! As well, we aired on CBS & CKUT's Upstage (Radio). So, for a show (especially the first night) it was off the hook. We were all very proud :-)

I woke up today, so content. I lingered in bed, my thoughts on a 'special' someone, happy that I'm feeling emotions I thought would never return. I am excited about this summer; the people in my life, the direction of my studies/career, all the mornings that are yet to come, when I will wake up & his face will be the first thing on my mind.

Last night, some girlfriends & me went to a restaurant, drank Sangria & finished the night at our traditional Shisha joint (pictures above). Fun times.
Today, I am performing at Mission Santa Cruz. It is the first of 6 performances of the play 'Based on True feelings.' My character is Lola, a bipolar ADHD chick with a crazy boyfriend. Did I mention I'm also in a psychiatric ward for troubled teens/young adults? Yes the play promises to be entertaining!
We held rehearsal for 2 1/2 months; 12 rehearsals (ranging from 2-6 hours), many script & stage changings, cancelled work days...
Yesterday, at our last rehearsal before the big day, I was running Italians with two other cast mates & I was struck by this thought; we are so dependent on each other! If I mess up my lines, I must trust my fellow actor to help me out & play along. If I get a memory blank, it is HIS job to get me back out of my state, If I am late, the show doesn't go on without me!
Once I came 40 minutes late to rehearsal (the city had a 'tour de l'ile' & many bus routes were interrupted for hours, it was a hot mess getting from point A to B). I felt so bad to walk in & see 10 people, waiting for ME; 10 people who are donating their time, who are rehearsing instead of spending their Sundays with their loved ones, all waiting on ONE person. I felt, literally, sick to my stomach. Everyone was kind, there were no dirty looks. They knew I'm usually punctual, so they were forgiving.

I don't have stage fright (right now). I like to believe this is because I trust my fellow actors (to help me out if I mess up) or that I know my lines & my role like the back of my hand, but perhaps, it hasn't set in yet that there will be people paying to see us perform?
It feels like my head is everywhere at once; Theater, Writing, School, Work, Love, my Friends, Moving out... It's so exciting, overwhelming. Life is beautiful,


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm proud of you and also happy for you! You are right where that place of contentment is and I hope it lasts forever!

I want to hear all about your performances. Break a leg! You'll do fine!

Strawberry Girl said...

Contentment is a good thing... ;D

Theater, ah... I love going to the theater, a different world. I've always been fascinated but until just recently I wouldn't have been able to participate convincingly in a play. Now, with new self awareness... I think it would be fun!!

So super cool that your playing a... wait a bipolar, ADHD chick with a crazy boyfriend!! Yikes! That will be a fun one, wish I could come see it. ;D

tangerine: said...

(i don't remember how to do fancy links to images, but i bought those with the gift card you gave me! i had my eye on those for MONTHS)

being in a play sounds so exciting, and the story sounds gripping! just know that if i was there, you'd probably catch me watching with a starry eyed expression, giving an inappropriately loud standing ovation afterwards. when i was a gymnast i had such terrible stage fright that i'd be in an awful mood days and days before a competition. i imagine it's nice to have the support of your other cast members.

i could ramble all day i'm sure, but simply put, good luck darling! i'm sure you'll do amazing. please post on how your opening night went.

missalister said...

Awesome update news!!!!!!!
But... These crossings-out... Does this mean Rose Maybud’s ballad in Act I of Ruddigore was right on? ; )
Bah! Well, you got it goin' on, regardless : )

Unbreakable said...

Great!!! Congrats! You got the beautiful smile ever!!!!