Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter to my Younger self.

A much younger me.

Ev'yan at Apricot-tea.com is organizing a giveaway of 2 great gifts. She will pick 2 favorite answers (to the questions below) on Friday. Also, she is launching Askapricot.com, where she gives advice about love, fashion & Beauty. Check it out.

Here is my entry. Wish me luck!

If you could write a letter to your younger self, giving advice for troubles that will happen in the future, what would it look like? What would you say? Would the letter be funny, or would it be serious?

  • Life is both serious & funny, so the advice would be a mix of everyday dilemmas (hair, make up, clothes) & lessons I had to learn by falling hard on my butt.
  1. Good grades are more important than boys. Stop sweating the small stuff, & concentrate more avidly on your writing, your inner growth, instead of giving too much to men that give too little. I would also say; Join Theater, start a high school paper, run for president! Do all the things you want to do, don’t limit yourself because you’re worried about failing.

  2. Mom is the word. (I notice that every time my mother warned me about something, whether it was a man in my life, or that I should take a sweater with me because it will get colder, she was always right. Today, instead of fighting my mother, I appreciate her. She is the one person in my life that has never deceived me, nor broken a promise. She always breaks her back for my sisters and me. I am truly blessed to have a good mother (& a great daddy, of course!)

  3. Be yourself. Dress how you like, do your hair in funky styles, paint your toes a scarlet red.

  4. Don’t be afraid to show people the ‘real’ you. It’s better to be disliked fir who you are, then be liked for who you are not.

  5. Be kinder to your sisters. Stop arguing about trivialities, your friends are not your flesh and blood, girlfriends come and go but your sisters will always be there.

  6. Keep finances & love, separate, unless you are married or living together.

  7. No glove, no love. Never put someone else’s pleasure over your health.

  8. Leave Conditioner in your hair & stop abusing your curls! Stop brushing them, stop hiding them, stop wishing for hair you will never have. Don’t be afraid to experiment; cut it, color it, weave it. Just… seek a professional, OK?

  9. A little bit of foundation and bronzer doesn't hurt. Especially in winter, when your face is pale & dull, a little bit of make up can do wonders.

  10. You don't need a thousand skin products; a soap bar, a good cleanser and skin cream suffice.

  11. Not every boyfriend is the man you will marry.

  12. Don't follow trends & thank God that you didn't buy those silver pleather pants back in 2000.

  13. Don't give a man (or anyone) more than you give yourself.

  14. Love isn’t words strewn beautifully, it is actions. When a man claims he loves you, it is only by what he does, that you will know the depth of his emotions.


apricot tea. said...

These are all great advice to give to yourself. :] & thanks for contributing Nana. Consider yourself entered in the contest! Good luck!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

well said, grasshopper---i'm proud of you for doing this--something you can carry on to your children one day---remain blessed!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So beautifully spoken, Nana!!

Retromus-ik said...

Cool letter!:) About #12, Naya, Felix and I were joking about how wack we all (you included lol) used to dress back at dawson! A letter could have helped...I know I thought I looked fly...and that was us NOT really following trends sigh* hehe.

Nana said...

@Apricot: Thx you hun. This was very fun to write, You got a great contest going on.
@Essense: I think I should have included that I'd want to give myself a great kick in the butt for some past choices I made.. gee :-)
@Simone: Thx u!
@Retro: I remember i came to school one day, with a sweater I cut up and made 'my own' LOL. It was funny, Naya was laughing at me, but some ppl complemented me on my 'creativity'... lol. I looked like a fool, but I'm glad I had the courage to go ahead with it. You know that high school can b very conformist. BTW, Naya used to dress like a boy..

Lion-ess said...

I'm a little late but I totally enjoy reading your post.. I read a book similar to this called "Who's that girl" by Alexandra Potter

She met her 21 old self and tried to advice her but ended up getting more advice from her younger self and regained parts of her that she lost.