Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A dream.

I am talking to my mother, I run my tongue on my front tooth and it breaks. I put my finger in my mouth and fish out the broken enamel; it is so delicate and fragile between my fingers, like the sea shells you find close to shore. It feels like my body has given up, pieces of me are falling off. I am so deep asleep, I am no longer aware that I am dreaming. My tongue wanders over the remaining root of my tooth and I wake up. I am close to tears, a fear cripples me; my stomach and lungs tighten like a muscle spasm.

November, I wish you would leave, already. Although we've been graced with beautiful weather, it's been an emotionally draining month. One more week to go. I cannot wait for you to be buried.

Candy for your ears, Soothing for your soul; the amazing Kem.


Lion-ess said...

I've been getting loads of broken teeth dreams.. sometimes it's one tooth and other times all of them just drop out in my hands like dust...

I always wake up frightened and then relieved that it was just a dream.

Nana said...

I found this through google;

Teeth falling out in a dream can be interpreted as sense of loss, such as a death of someone close to you. Falling teeth can represent worries about getting older - loss of youth and vitality. If a single tooth is lost it could mean loss or change of something important to you.

In my case, I was very stressed and my health was bad (I had a cold, a really agressive one). I went and got tested, was awiting the results and I was imagining the worst. So, I think that's why the tooth dream came in, I was a ball of stress.

Have you been stressed lately?

Retromus-ik said...

This year has flown by! November for me has been stressful as well, a bunch of stuff mainly school though. No weird dreams for me, just an intense neck pain for the past two weeks, but that may be because of the accutane as well.

Anywho, I hope December is much better for you; with Christmas, vacation time away from school, more time for you, I'm sure it will be good times;)

Spurious Philosopher said...
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Spurious Philosopher said...

This is super crazy. I feel the same way. This month has been the stage for emotional confusion for me.

As for your dream....

Teeth falling out may express the anxiety you feel about your appearance, your sex appeal and the thoughts others may have of you. Insecurity. Or like you sais sense of loss of someone close, or fear of growing up.

I hope your december will 31 days of Kwanzaa. Rebirth. A celebration of First Fruits.

Umoja (Unity)
Kujichagulia (Self-determination)
Nia (Pupose)
Ujima (Responsability)
Kuumba (Creativity)
Imani (Faith)

Love you.

Nana said...

@ Retro: Sould have K. take a look at that neck ;-)Yes, I know december will be a better month.

@ Spurious: Hun, I think it was anxiety this month. You know the self-created drama I had...I should be smarter by now, like, how many times will I make the same mistakes before I learn?

Attaining Me said...

Wow. I feel like you are speaking for me in a words that I could never paint so beautifully.

A few more days.

Big hug . .xx

Enchantress said...

I dreamt that my teeth were falling out a few years back and all I found was the "sense of loss" explanation.

Thanks for sharing the music!

Lion-ess said...

yeah... seems like I've been stress for over a year... I've been waiting for my passport to come back since Aug 08! So, I've been stress about that and trying to make ends meet while not working since then. I can't work until I get my passport.

So I'm worried and stress about that... watching the age ticking off and feeling as if my life is going down a road of failure and no achievement.. further and further from my goals.