Sunday, July 26, 2009

Living for the city.

Living for the city, Stevie Wonder

I am having one of those days when everything seems small, meaningless. I managed to find uncertainty and flaw in everything about my life and the day is yet to be over... Usually, when I feel like this, I crawl into bed and indulge in a good meal and a favorite movie/TV show/book, I also write about it just to get it off my chest. This time, I decided that I need a plan of action because if moods such as these are recurrent then I have to zip the problem in the bud.
I'm getting my affairs in check as I plan to study abroad come September 2010. Initially, I was aiming for a semester or two, somewhere in Europe.
I wanted to be close to the family and to some friends in Paris, dolce vita for a little while. But then, I thought about the shock of being away, alone and studying on a different continent and things got a bit scary. Of course, I'm the type to tackle a project just because it frightens me but this time, I wondered if I could afford studying in Europe?
There's a study abroad bursary program but it only offers 750$-1000$ a month. That's Canadian dollars, it translates to pennies in Euros. So, I figured I'd work my little butt off until then and get an apartment in New York.
Of course, I'd have to get 5 roommates and a flat in the ghetto, I'd have to wrestle down rats at night and share my meals with roaches, donate my blood to bed bugs. I'll work at school for minimum wage (I'm allowed 20 hours on a student visa), eat oatmeal and noodles all day, every day, and I will accept every date so I can get a free meal that includes protein.
In fact, I might find a boyfriend that works at KFC or better yet, a grocery store clerk that will swindle bags of goodies, or maybe, I will date the damn landlord so I can skip rent all together.
I'll pick up a hustle, sell peanuts or stripped mangoes on street corners or rolled up poems for a dollar. I'll beat on a pots and pans, sing some blues and thrust a battered hat at passerbies.
I'm only half joking, at this point. Maybe I should do the easy thing and get myself a sugar daddy? MAYBE I should listen to lililWayne, T.I or Luda... 'It ain't tricking if you got it.'
(By the way, what is the 'it' that you have to have, not to be a trick? I don't understand the premise of that phrase. It just sounds like a bad idea.)

In all seriousness, I'm going to study abroad. It's not a 'if', a 'maybe', not even a 'perhaps'.
It will be an amazing experience.

Writing about New York lifted my mood, a tiny bit. I'm going back at the end of August, some girlfriends and I got a really sweet deal on a hotel in Manhattan :-)


Lion-ess said...

studying in europe is a must! It'll be a great experience and make sure u visit me in London!!

New York New York!! have fun. I love NY!!

Melanie said...

LOL @ the 'sugar daddy' part, i'm going through this phase at the moment, trying to decide what i'm going to do after i graduate. Hopefully things will work out and you'll be ok :)
Just been to NYC a few days ago, n absolutely loved it!!

Billie said...

oh shizer!

I would have loved having you over here. Maybe lighting will struck and make you change your mind yet once again ;)

a bientot asha!

Passion Fruit said...

Loving this post!

I'm a scaredy cat; I don't take chances enough and I need to change that.

O.F.C.J. said...

That is one experience, you sure you wouldn't rather join the military? Lol. Best wishes.