Monday, June 22, 2009


This week has been crazy but in a very beautiful way. I've had my last performance tonight and everything went great. I am saddened that things have come to an end; I'll miss the Saturday & Sunday rehearsals, even the nerve recking 10 minutes before the opening of the play shall be grieved. I can't wait to get paid, though :-) Jesse, the director, told us to 'stay tuned', as he felt this wasn't the end of the project, just yet. We'll see.
Until then, I can attend to the people I have been neglecting (they know who they are, I am SO sorry!) take on more hours at work as I am very broke right now & write. As well, I want to attend auditions for Indies shooting in Montreal. I have a hundred and one projects this summer, I'll be a very busy but very ambitious girl for the next few months.

I have a crazy week ahead; Lion-ess & me are starting our fast today (it's a little past midnight) and it will be water and bread for seven days. As well; no shopping, a lot of soul searching and definitely no boyfriend-ish drama. I am moving out and I need to complete packing, I'm working 40 hours, I have a spoken word CD review to complete for (hehe, there's a story behind this, it'll be in another post) and I pray to God he will give me enough energy not to faint because of lack of nutritional intake.
Stay tuned, I'll be updating the blog about my fasting experience. Challenging times ahead. :-)


Retromus-ik said...

I've been praying for you about your fast! God bless you with everything you need during this time. It'll pass fast; you'll see. Just be sure to learn something along the way;)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

All I ask is that you take time and learn something from this journey--You're going to feel so much better after releasing the negative vibez in your system--God Bless

Unbreakable said...

Its great to see to hear all the things to manage to do and go through and still keep a positive outlook. I really admire your hard work, hope that little gig continues instead of coming to an end.