Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hungry Girl: Day 3 and Day 4.

Untitled, Albert Reyes

Today was humid, my clothes hung to my body like second skin. About 30 minutes ago, the sky turned a violent purple and streaks of light tore through the clouds. Rain begun pouring down. I love thunderstorms...
This post is a little bit late as I've already entered Day 4. The days are alike, so I will spare the repeating details; hunger, headaches, low energy.

But it's getting better. I'm getting used to not eating. I'm less cranky and my patience level is higher. In fact, I'm feeling very serene and careless right now. I take things as they go and don't let stress get to me. I must admit that I had a moment of vulnerability yesterday; I ate 2 mushrooms and peppers that were left on the table. They were really tiny, I forgave myself. I'm keeping with the fast.
I will cut it short to five days, instead of seven. I was really dizzy today, coming out of the shower. My thinking is very slow, I don't process conversations as fast as usual and my sight is a bit blurry sometimes. I believe it's not only the fast but also the humidity.
What bothers me is that my breasts are disappearing! I don't fill my bras, people! It's the first weight you lose... The little I had of a butt, is melting away, as well.

Today, I can really say that there are good things about the fast:

  • When you get used to not eating, it's amazing how your head clears. Although you process things slower, your thoughts are deeper and more rooted.

  • Your body (although weak) becomes only a mechanism, you feel your mind overtaking the physical.

  • You feel empty, all the time. Your body is light, sometimes, it feels like your mind is raw, without any barriers.

  • When you get passed the irritation and crankiness, you are very peaceful.

  • You start viewing food as a want, instead of a need. It challenges your beliefs, your daily routines.

I pushed myself hard for this one. If I can give up food, I can give up anything. I found a new artist: Albert Reyes.


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Devil Mood said...

I'm relieved that you're reducing the fasting to 5 days. I'm a little worried that you might faint in the street or something.
But how's it going spiritually? I hope you find treasures from this fasting and then hopefully you'll eat to fill your bras again.