Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 164: Worry.

I’m the girl that worries about everything & everyone. When I have a family, I'll probably have a Gsm chip installed in my children's wrists, put them in glass bubbles when they go on their bikes & rollers, send them off to school in knee & elbow pads... I'm a mother hen :-)

  • I’ve been worrying myself these days. I think it’s partly because my mom is visiting Poland & she’s away for a month. I feel like I’m responsible for my sisters & my dad, the household, the cat… I can’t wait for her to get back (4 more days!)
  • I worry that my loved ones aren’t happy. I’m always asking ‘are you OK?’,'Everything good?’ ‘How’s school/work etc…’
  • I worry that my cavity bursts before next week’s dentist appointment!
  • I worry that I won’t get to where I want to be in life.
  • My grandma passing, before she meets her great-grand children. She’s been such a positive & loving influence in my life, I can’t fathom my children not knowing their Babcia.
  • Global warming, zombie attacks (very sad, indeed), Blackouts…
  • I worry that I will freeze, choke, stall & ruin all the months of preparation for June's Fringe festival.


Annie said...

Zombie attacks! LOL Be sure to not read World War Z by Max Brooks.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're so adorable in your worrying. I know....worrying isn't adorable but I do understand. After 9/11, I had it in my head that terrorists would knock on my door and hurt my family. I was on edge every time the doorbell rang.

I don't think you have to worry about zombies though.

AD said...

hey breathe breathe!!!


Happy SS

~EssenseVibez~ said...

you're too stinkn' cute-i worry so much about my grandkids that no one hurts them---i worry about my kids won't let things bother them to the point they want to harm themselves--thats where prayer comes in affect--i pray when i worry and it helps soothes it away--but my biggest worry or should i say fingers crossed, is hoping there will be xtra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom when go in the bathroom--**don't worry too much about nutin**--

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh I can relate very well. I worry a lot and worry about everything too. I enjoy reading your post - I felt I am not alone :)

Nana said...

@Annie: lol, I love to scare myself with Zombie stories, so I might just read that book :-)
@Simone: I know that 9/11 had a lot of similar reactions from people. It's unfortunate.
@Ad: I'm breathing, I'm breathing :P
@Essense: I will try that advice. Prayer does soothe my fears & my confusions, I am sure it will be a remedy for my worries.
@Liza: I'm glad you enjoyed it, hope you come back.

floreta said...

i worry about dentist visits too.