Thursday, April 2, 2009

I count my blessings.

I am exhausted; I've had a beautiful, eventful week. Remember the Fringe Festival post? Well, to make the story short, I wasn't casted for the role I initially auditioned for. Instead, I got an email from the producer, offering me the role of 'Lola'. It's a smaller part in the play, but I am so glad I didn't get the lead! Lola is a beautiful and complex character. I am so excited, I hope I will give her an adequate and moving interpretation.
Wait. The best is yet to come...
We had our first meeting today & the producer, Jesse, told us that there is a possibility that the play is extended at the Centaur theatre after the Fringe festival. That is AMAZING; more exposure, more experience, more money.
Wait, Wait. It gets better...
Jesse is a producer, he makes movies through Quiet us films. He told us that there's also a possibility the play gets adapted into a movie!!!
I am SO excited.
Two friends/fellow actors are in the production!!! The chemistry will be out of this world!!!
We've also been given our performance dates at the Fringe; 6 shows baby!
Also, I have 'A Raisin in the Sun' in November at the Espress-O theatre. I'm working with such amazing, talented actors. I'm so happy, I can't breathe!
I've been writing so much, I submitted a story to a bi-yearly fiction publication., Carte Blanche As well, I will be sending out stories to African writing ( a UK monthly fiction publication) & Ms.guided, a feminist Zine. I've also written a query letter to Essence for an essay I'd like to publish in their upcoming issue.
It's too soon to know if my stories will be published, but I am putting myself out there, and I can't wait to get those letters/emails of rejection. Every writer goes through it, and I want to make my way in the literary world through sweat and blood. I want to earn it!
I'm SO happy, SO happy, SO happy!
I am also blessed because I have great family & friends who remind me I am amazing, even when I don't feel so stellar.
Thank you Billie for making my day!!!

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