Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 161: I Confess.

I Confess:
  • Although I seem to have it together, I do have days when I wake up hating how I look, dress etc...
  • Although Pop isn't my music of choice, I confess I have an eerie infatuation with the Jonas Brothers'...They are just so irresistible.
  • Although I hate tabloids & hate partaking in senseless gossip, I'm a regular reader of Perez Hilton & I just can't help it! Some days at work are just so boring... Celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure.
  • Although I can relate to most people, I can be very insensitive when in presence of stupidity, or self-pity. A friend once told me that I can only tolerate these qualities, when it comes to myself... hehe.
  • Although I know that Pork is havoc on your arteries, it remains my meat of choice. How can I resist the sound & smell of bacon, sizzling on an oiled sauce pan? In fact, when attempting Vegetarianism (for the second time), it was pork that led to my pitiful downfall.
  • Although I know that I will never meet him, & even if, he is married & twice my age, Johnny Depp remains the man of my dreams. He is such a talented actor, with such a wide range of performances, it is an honor to watch his movies. Damn Vanessa Paradis!

This is all, I believe. I am an open book, as you can judge from past posts. :-)


tangerine: said...

haha oh my god, nana! you're so funny. we are entirely twins about pork and perez hilton. if i was on death row, i would simply request bacon, and i can't stand celebrity gossip, but sometimes it's just entertaining to read, and the pictures make me laugh. i really need to look into the sunday scribblings again. i was confused when i went on the website at first, but i should try again.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Very innocent confessions! We wont send you to jail yet!

linda may said...

Mmmm Johnny Depp, very cute character and a great actor.

Granny Smith said...

Actually pork is better for you than beef or lamb if you choose the right cuts. I'll admit that bacon should be eaten in moderation, although bacon sizzling in the morning is still one of my favorite sounds.

If you nothing worse to confess than this list, then yoou have nothing to worry about!

Devil Mood said...

A friend once told me that I can only tolerate these qualities, when it comes to myself Haha, isn't it always that way?

I've been a vegetarian for 10 years and I can honestly say that pork would be the last thing I could eat these days. But I used to like it before.

Jennifer Hicks said...

you are very insightful and humble!

paisley said...

wonderful list of confessions... would love to have you add some to my secret page... you will find the links in my SS post.....

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I love bacon and can eat a slab but Boo doesn't eat pork so it's very seldom that I eat it now. I celebrate when I have a pizza with nothing but sausage and pepperoni and bacon! Yum!

I'm just as guilty of keeping up with the tabloids, although I don't read the gunk by the checkout counters. It's interesting to see that someone else's life is more interesting than mine.

I like Prince the way that you like Johnny Depp.

Nana said...

@ Tangerine: lol, Bacon on death row? This remins me of a character in 'a lesson before dying', He is accused of raping a white woman in the South and gets sentenced to die, He asks for a full box of Vanilla ice cream before he dies :-)
@ Rinkly, thank you. lol!
@Linda may: Great minds think alike.
@Granny Smith: I never knew some parts were better than others...Thank you for enlightening me, I will indulge in Pork more often.
@devil Mood: 10 years, wow! Congrats, it's really an accomplishment. You must be very healthy? I always feel good when I forfeit meat.
@Hicks: Thank you.
@Paisley: I certainly will!

Thank you all for reading my blog!

Nana said...

@ Simone: Prince, really? What's so apealing about him?

~EssenseVibez~ said...

so wise to be so young---i love your spirit as well as your writings---words from your heart and soul---you remind me of my sis RETROMUSIK---thanks for stopping by my blog---my door is always open for you to return---live in the moment and remain blessed!!