Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New York, New York.

Some pictures from my recent New York trip.

Sulli & me, at a club called 'Slate'.

Peruvian resto 'Pio Pio' with: Sulli, me & Bou.

Me. getting my morning coffee at Starbucks.

Me & Bou, still at 'Slate'

Me, Sulli & Bou.
We had an amazing time. When I got back home, it took me a good week to get back on track. Perhaps, it was the lack of sleep or the alcohol still flowing in my system, but I was exhausted.
Sulli & Bou are crazy! We shopped so much, ate so good, partied hard, hard,hard!


apricot tea. said...

Adorable pictures! You make me want to cut my hair all off. :]

Unbreakable said...

Nice Pictures! I see you had a great time. thats good

linda may said...

Thanks Nana for your comment.
You are so gorgeous, I don't know if I was ever your age and looked so good. I had 2 little boys to look after when I was your age.

tangerine: said...

aw you are so stunning! i love all those pictures. Makes me wish i was exploring new york alongside with the three of you. i'd love to get away for awhile, and i'm sure you needed it :] everybody does every once in awhile.

i was actually set to write this morning at work but the phones were ringing off the hook so i never got a chance to. but if i don't write in the next few days, it's because we move into our new apartment this friday! so i'll be moving all weekend. i'll most definitely have to post pictures of my new home, or at least write about it!

i really need to get back into yoga. what is pilates like?

Anonymous said...

How did you like New York? Looks like you had a blast.

Strawberry Girl said...

You and your friends look just lovely!! What a fun trip. :D

Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is my daughter Roxie that I am giving a big smooch too in the profile picture (her face is just priceless). :D

I have four kids all together, and I am married to a georgous chocolaty brown man from Tonga!!

Nice to meet ya' SG

Passion Fruit said...

"We shopped so much, ate so good, partied hard, hard,hard!"

Sounds like amazingly awesome times!

And thank you for coming by my blog and for the encouragement!


Lion-ess said...

very cool pictures...
my birthday is august 9th.. leo..

hey wrote a poem on the lion-ess

Nana said...

@Apricot: Aww, thx u hun!
@Unbreakable: It was amazzzing!
@Linda May: thx u, wow, 2 boys! I don't know if I could handle that, at this point of my life. Babies are blessings, but 2... in a couple yeasr perhaps :)
@Tangerine: You would have had a blast, I hope work is getting better 4 u.
@Tasha: New York is New York, girl :-) You can't help but have a good time. I'm a financial cripple right now, but it was worth every penny.
@Strawberry girl: Aww, 4 babies! They must be gorgeous! You seem very happy.
@Passiofruit: Thx u for returning the love ;)
@Lion-ness: Thx u, I will check it out!

Camelia in the city said...

looks like you had a great time in new york! Ill be there in june.
you were right abotu my pic but i couldnt reply on it because he reads my blog and so does my ex and they cant know.