Sunday, February 15, 2009


Multiple personalities.

I'm getting my first professional headshot in March. I've been taking acting classes at this cozy, amazing school. I've done foundations, & I am moving to Phase I. MSOPA (the school) also doubles as a casting agency, & they requested headshots from all their students.
The photographer who will be doing the photoshoot is a high school friend. This picture was taken when we were at
Naya's place, & he was fiddling with the cam.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture! And so happy to see that you have crossed over to the "sistas w/ short-hair" side. I was beginning to feel lonely ;-)

Your friend is a talented photographer.

Happy belated Valentine's Day, beautiful!

floreta said...

that's such a cool shot!

Dream Weaver said...

ooOOohh cool! Best wishes =)
thanks for the music recommendations. later babe!