Sunday, January 10, 2010

Detox, baby.

I went to a fruit shop after work tonight; I had the bad luck of choosing a defective cart with a rusty wheel. As I strolled through the aisles, to the tune of a constant 'squeak squeak', I was amazed by the variety of odd and exotic fruits that lay amongst the Macintosh apples, the common apricots and the greening bananas.
I picked up the tiny lychees with their prickly exterior, squeezed the Kumquats which are part of the citrus family and finally settled with the halved passion fruit with its caviar-like dark seeds. By the time I got to the cash, I had three bags full of Chinese pears, Sweet potatoes, green grapes, beets and other goodies.
See. Lion-ess and I are starting a smoothie detox this Monday (tomorrow for me, but we are 6 hours apart so I reckon she has already started hers). We will be cleansing our bodies from all the extra junk we've garnered during the holidays. The cleanse will last 10 days, I guess we will both write about it, but (in my case) it will not be as extensive as my five days blogging about the fast Lion-ess and I undertook back in June (July?).
I must admit I pigged out this weekend, I went all out; Lasagna, vegan burritos with sweet potatoes and Quinoa salad, banana bread... All I did was eat! In fact, I have officially gained five pounds in two-three weeks.
I hit the gym after work today, then went on my fruit and veggie hunt. Also, I've found some yummy recipes for Smoothies; Ten days can be very long if you don't have variety.

A random thought; I've noticed some new faces in the 'followers' section, and I would like to ask everyone that reads this post (the newbies and the oldies) to take it to the comments and introduce themselves. Please indulge my curiosity this once ;-)


Strawberry Girl said...

Sounds like a plan girl, did you go vegetarian?

Retromus-ik said...

Your posts are always a pleasure to read. I love smoothies! my fave is banana/strawberry. I wish you much luck.

I don't know if you want me to present myself since you already know me long time. But in any case, I write, I sing, believe in God, trying to get into grad school...I'm a happy person (on most days:P)