Monday, September 7, 2009

Like an Ostrich.

I have to share a song that's been driving me crazy these past two days, I love love love it.

The last week has been eventful;

Last Saturday, there was a fire in my apartment building. Everyone was unharmed, and although we had to evacuate, our property wasn't damaged. My cat, Felix, was traumatized. He tried to run away twice (the first time, when I was trying to stuff him in a gym bag and the second, he started running away when we were outside. Of course, I had to run after him and make a fool of myself; blasted house cat.)

This was precedent to a very bad hair cut; the hairstylist nearly gave me a baldie.

Then, on Wednesday (or Tuesday?) my father was hospitalized as he had temporary vision loss in one eye. He though it might be a stroke and went to the emergency, where he was kept over night and put under examination. Well, my daddy didn't tell anyone where he was so by the time we actually found out he was ill, he was feeling good.
I was a bit hysterical, as I always imagine the worst. I took a shower, bawled my eyes out, and went to see him at the hospital.
He was fine; I bought him food, and spent some time there. Then, I was off to work and my sister stayed with him until he was dispatched a couple hours later. Turns out, he had a blood clot in his head and he was given blood thinning meds, he has to check back in a month.
I don't know how to handle things like these, I try to stay calm in front of my family but when I get a minute to myself, I cry and feel overwhelmed. My parents are getting older, and it's up to my sisters and me to take care of them now. I don't feel ready for this, but my father's health scare really opened up my my mind about my own health.
Some days I feel very weak, like a cloak has been thrown over my entire body, I try to fight it but it's clear that I need to get tested. Most of my symptoms point to Anemia but I've been having intense back pain. On Thursday, I had to take a cab home because I felt so dizzy, I could barely walk. It was a bit frightening, I was so relieved when I got home.
I'll get tested this week, I have to stop being like an ostrich, hiding my head in the sand when I'm scared and hoping that things go away. I need to find out why my body's acting up and get treatment, if necessary. I'm scared though, I hope it's nothing serious.

We had a gorgeous weekend but I was stuck at home, battling a bad flu. I'm much better today, I had to go to work and although I feel a bit high (off the medicine, ha) I'm on the road to recovery.

I'm back, albeit temporarily, I feel like I missed a lot of the blogging world, so I am off to say hello to you and to read what's been going on in your lives :-) I have 44 followers. Life is pretty sweet.


Akirah said...

I'm sorry you're going thru so much. I pray your father feels better soon. Fire scares aren't ever fun either. Please get rest and maybe some vitamins too. I hate feeling worn down...hopefully your doctor will be able to help.

Tammy said...

It's so tough when our "rocks" get more vulnerable. Let them know everyday they are loved.

Retromus-ik said...

I'm sorry for all of this. I'm so glad your dad is feeling better. He's taking his medication and is doing what he needs to do; try not to worry as hard as that is. As for your health, I agree you should check it out ASAP.
School is starting; your life is bound to get more hectic as a result, might as well have one less thing to stress over;) I need to go see the gyno myself, I've been lazy about it...We can push eachother to go see the doc;) Si tu veux, je peux venir avec toi.

floreta said...

glad you're ok with the fire and everything. this is random but i heard on the radio that 28% of women have cried from a bad haircut!

Lion-ess said...

that was a tough week! Hope ur dad is well. Make sure u go to the doc. Don't spend time trying to figure out what might be wrong.
Have a good rest of the week.

latree said...

I hope you and your father soon get well... I experience a fire in my office, but thank GOD every one was alright too...

it's great, you have so many followers!

Americanising Desi said...

how is ur dad now?
it really is a mess to see soeone who cares for you when you are ill to be in a similar position. i m always achin when my dad isnt well.

i just hope things get better!
stay strong

tangerine: said...

hey nana,
i'm in the process of reinventing myself and my blog! my writing has gotten so weighty lately and i just can't stand to write about sadness any longer. i know it's been a few weeks since i had written but i hope you're still around! yours has always been my favorite blog to read.

i hope your father is feeling better. he will be returning to the doctor in a few weeks, won't he? i hope he's well. it's hard to fathom taking care of the people who have taken care of us all our lives. sigh, i never want to grow old.

please say felix hasn't tried to run away again! i would be so scared. my kitten is such a terror, but i would miss her. i'm thinking of getting another but if the second one turns out to be as hyper as her i wouldn't know what to do!

either way just wanted to say hi, love, and that i've missed you! i posted a few pictures of my san diego trip but there's more to come!