Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 169: Toys

Baby girl and me, 2008. Before I cut my hair.

This week's prompt reminded me of someone who made my life richer and fuller. Because of this beautiful little person, I have discovered parts of me that wouldn't have been accessible for years and years to come.
Because of her, I found out that my love is infinite, unconsequential, non-discriminative. Although I display an impatient character at times, I am truly a well of patience when tested by events. I found out I can be tired as a dog yet find the energy to do the 'Baby Maniac' dance, romp on all fours for her amusement. I can console and nurture even when my own heart is breaking, I can discipline without being unkind, stand up for some one even though my own relationship (with her daddy) will suffer.
Baby girl didn't have a toy she would cling to like many toddlers cling to a blankie or a favorite doll. She liked to play with phones and dial numbers, then gibber in her baby language when she accidentally did call someone. She could sing 'No one' by Alicia Keys, she would wake up at dawn and wait for me to pick her up at the top of the stairs so she can sleep with 'daddy?!'.
She could be a bully, especially with smaller kids. She was perceptive, funny, smart and cunning. Even at a young age (2) she understood she was beautiful and if she pouted, she would get out of trouble, except with her immediate family who got used to her petty trick :-) She used to always ask for 'meelk' or 'juish', then 'cheeken'. Ah, the evolution.

Although, her daddy and me are no longer together, I think about baby girl on a daily basis, Sometimes, I wonder if she learned new songs or how long did her hair get, if she's happy and if she's getting enough veggies. She's surrounded by many loving people, so I rarely worry. I'm just hoping that she gets to see her daddy more often and that her parents have finally worked out their differences.


Lion-ess said...

she's so gorgeous!!
So you don't get to see her at all?

How are you?

Marja said...

Oh she is adorable My son didn't have a favourite toy either He pinched everybodies keys and played with it

Natalie said...

Oh,those eyes are man killers! Look out guys, little miss magnificent is on her way.xx♥

linda may said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Oh those eyes!
You would be a lovely mother.

Akirah said...

Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous!

It makes sense that you think about her. I pray she's doing well. It was probably doubly hard to break up...breaking up with him, and as a result, breaking up with her.

AD said...

awwww this is sp [rettyy :)

Toys vs. Heart

gautami tripathy said...

You are richer for knowing her.

She is so pretty!

wrath of nature

bondgal_rulz said...

She is soo pretty!!!

Aren't kids the most therapeutic things ever?? :)


Thera said...
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Dee Martin said...

relationships are so complicated when kids are involved. maybe someday she will come to you because she remembers she can trust you.

Jennifer Hicks said...

the gift of childhood! we learn so much about the playfulness that we loose as adults! go on and PLAY!

Bitter Truth said...

Awww. She is sweet and you both look great togther. :)

floreta said...

what a little cutie!!